Events & Specials

Mask Night Anonymous Tuesday

Every Tuesday 6pm to 10pm

You can loan a mask from us on arrival or purchase one from us. If you bring your, own it must completely cover your face. Masks must be put on when in reception and not removed until you are leaving.

Wild Wednesdays

*Members Only Deal
Every Wednesday our £20 deal gets you:

Entry to Sauna
Free bottle of poppers
Complimentary alcoholic drink and mixer
Free Flip Flops

Dark Night Every Thursday & Sunday

Every Thursday & Sunday from 6pm is Dark Naked Night.
Naked is mandatory and you are provided a shammy towel for drying yourself if required,. However, the towel is not big enough to go around your waist.

24 Hour Weekends

Every weekend from a Friday at 11am until midnight on a Sunday.

We operate 24 hours with alcohol being served daily from 11am until midnight.

(Maximum Stay 12 hours before entry would need to be repaid)

Free Condoms & Lube throughout premises

The Sandyford

Free & confidential advice, support and testing for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea.
No appointment is required and entry is free to the sauna if only visiting the sexual health screening.
1st Wednesday of every month 1300-1530
3rd Friday of every month 1400-1730