Gold Max Blue Herbal Erection Pill




Rise to the occasion with Gold Max Blue Herbal Erection Pill 450mg, 1 Pack, back in stock by popular demand.

Gold Max Blue Herbal Erection Pill is a natural herbal food supplement, that can help maximise erectile performance with a unique combination of 8 safe and effective herbs.

• Can help boost energy and stamina
• No prescription required
• 100% natural ingredients, no side effects!
• Fast-acting, usually works within 30 minutes
• Our most advanced formula
• Voted best Blue Capsule by users

Turns any researcher into a professor of the lab. Or Pro at a naughty filmshoot?

Herbal V 450mg capsules really are the Gold of the herbal V world.

Watch as your display of collectables swells within minutes of analysing.

Do not take more than 2 in 24 hours!

Food Supplement.


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